26th September 2019

Problems with upstream Internet connection

We are experiencing problems with the upstream provider. Right now no servers are accessible. Update follows.

2019-09-26 10.51: The cooling system in our datacenter has broke down. Due to the following high temperature, some of the networking equipment has shut down, which leaves us with no outside connection. We have a technician onsite in a short while, to inspect the situation. The datacenter provider is working hard to get the cooling system up and running again.

2019-09-26 11.29: We now have Internet access again. More details follow.

2019-09-26 11.36: Although the systems are up and running again, we still haven't received a clear message about the state of the cooling problem, so we cannot guarantee that the problem is 100% fixed yet. We are watching the systems closely. Update follows.

2019-09-26 12.45: The cooling issue has now been fixed. All systems are up and running.